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Return of the rotovator

March 31, 2013

2010-03-31 Allotment - tillingThe weather has finally calmed down again enough to start gardening again. Woo-hoo! Today, the sun actually shone and (in the morning at least) it was warmer outside than in my house. There was still ice in the water butt though!

It’s shocking that it’s the last day of March and we’ve only just had our second visit to the allotment. Apparently it’s still snowing in other parts of the country, so I suppose we should be grateful but – er.

Fortunately, although it has been really cold, it hasn’t actually precipitated very much in the last week or so, and the soil had dried out a little bit. As a result, the rotovator handled the clay loads better. Yay!

We still had to clear the tines fairly frequently, but this time it was much more about tangled grass than sticky clay mud, and the soil was much easier to clear.

All in all a much more pleasant experience!

We managed to do the last bit of the big first bed that we started last time, and two smaller beds. I think that’s pretty pleasing, and I’m starting to feel that we know what we’re doing a bit better now. Hoorah!

We also planted more beans and onions (to fill the finished patch) and did a bit of general tidying up. The plot has accumulated holey weed-suppressant black plastic, old pots and other bits of crap that all needed to be bagged up and taken to the tip. I can report that it’s now looking as though it might one day turn out to be an allotment…

None of the beans or onions that we planted last time have sprouted at all, but that’s hardly surprising given the temperatures. For the same reason, the rhubarb hasn’t made much progress either. It has grown a bit, but not really quite enough to start harvesting. April before we get any rhubarb! Rubbish isn’t it? At least we still have pretty spring flowers to enjoy.

2010-03-31 Allotment - rhubarb

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  1. April 2, 2013 3:08 pm

    I can’t remember the last time I had rhubarb.

    • April 2, 2013 3:10 pm

      We’re usually up to our ears in it by now!

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