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Swatches #2 & #3 – Relief stitch

March 28, 2013

The eagle-eyed might have noticed that my Hairy Spiders swatch was marked “#1”. Ominous, huh? And now it has come to pass. More swatches….

002 - Relief stitch - bambooYarn

First swatch

Sirdar snuggly baby bamboo, shade 142
80% bamboo, 20% wool.
Smooth, shiny and a little bit splitty.

Second swatch

Random pink stash acrylic – around aran weight.
Looks and feels cheap (but balled with no band).


First swatch: 3.5mm, aluminium.

Second swatch: 5.5m, bamboo.

003 - Relief stitch - acrylicStitch

This is Samurai relief stitch – I’m not sure why, perhaps the diagonals are reminiscent of swords or something… Well, anyway. I found the instructions via Ravelry, on this Russian site (fear not, there are also English instructions to go with the chart).

It took me a while to get the hang of the stitch, which is why the acrylic swatch is a bit wonky in the first few rows.

Note although the bamboo swatch is pictured first, I actually made the acrylic one first. It’s just that the bamboo came out so nice!


It quickly became obvious that the stitch pattern was not going to work in the acrylic yarn. The yarn doesn’t have enough definition to show off the lines. The hook was also too big, leaving over-large gaps. It just looks messy.

For my second swatch, I picked out a smooth, shiny yarn for lots of stitch definition. The yarn is also finer (DK rather than aran) so I knocked the hook right down to 3.5mm.

I think this works really well – I love the bamboo swatch!

As to size: the bamboo swatch – 6 pattern repeats wide, 12 pattern rows plus 2 sc rows – is something like 12cm by 15cm. The acrylic swatch is 4 repeats wide with 12 pattern rows and 1 fsc row: I would guestimate something like 12cm by 20cm for that one.

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