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After life

March 11, 2013

After life – comes death.

I have arrived at the bottom of the food chain. Unimaginable hordes of bacteria. Worms, beetles, that sort of thing. Roots and fungus, questing downward into the litter that remains, extracting whatever the bugs left behind. All feasting and surviving and reproducing on my leftovers.

And then – nothing more remains of my body- except –
Except that I am immortal.

My genes, perhaps, will go on, for a while at least. Which is nice and all, but it’s not what I’m talking about. Perhaps I will be remembered in other ways, by the thoughts and deeds and loved ones I leave behind. That’s not what I mean either.

My body was built out of atoms that were forged in exploding stars. Like lego, only about a billion times more awesome. And then, after life, my star-stuff atoms will be released and will go on to build – who knows what? Perhaps human bodies. Perhaps majestic trees, or chompitty parsnips; singing bluetits, or snippy-snappy cats.

After life, I might be anything. Who knows?

One day – probably when “day” has become meaningless due to the lack of any local planet by which to measure such things – I might be part of a star again. My carbon atoms might end up in a star-planet that really is like a diamond in the sky. Or my hydrogen atoms could be transformed into a pulsar’s radio-beam. Or everything might get sucked through a black hole into another dimension, a parallel universe. Anywhere. Anything.

I’ll be properly dead, of course. But what a way to go!


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