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World Book Day

March 7, 2013

pippi longstockingThis week sees two of my most favourite special days, and one of my least favourite.

Today, World Book Day, is, naturally, one of the good ones. (Did you see what I did there? With the commas? Ahem.)

In previous years I admit I made slightly more effort with the costume, and this year was the worst yet, from that point of view. I refused to countenance any kind of animal character and we settled on Pippi Longstocking. Miss Fly picked out some long stripey socks and a blue dress, and I did her pigtails. That was it. I felt mildly guilty, but not very, because I am a heartless parent of the highest order. Ho hum.

I will therefore recount the memorable occasion when I did proper mumming, actually made a real costume, and even blagged Miss Fly first prize in the obligatory best-dressed (aka most-effort) competition.

She wanted to be a tiger, but I couldn’t find orange, so she ended up as a zebra. I suppose we must have a picture book somewhere with a zebra in it, but that’s beside the point. The zebra’s the thing.

(I found a black and white stripey dress, with a hood, and some black and white stripey tights, and made ears and a tail out of zebra-print felt to stitch onto the dress. It was homely  enough to look like an effort had been made, and simple enough that even I didn’t manage to cock it up.  And because it was so awesome I’m very tempted to break my rule about not posting pictures of her on the public internets. But not quite tempted enough.)

Even with a shoddy no-effort costume, I must confess to feeling rather disdainful of all the Disney princesses and superheroes and things that aren’t really from real books. It’s not world film, computer game, TV programme, or even comic day. It’s world book day. As well as a heartless parent, I am also a snob.

In honour of the occasion, I am about to go and read a book. A real one, with pages and everything. I would like to tell you that it’s going to be something erudite, or at the very least literary. Austen’s Persuasion is sort of next on my reading pile, if that helps. However, what I’m actually going to read is Guards! Guards! So ner.

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