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March 3, 2013

CampfireSometimes people liken social networking to something like a campfire. People sit companionably around the flames of Twitter, toasting the marshmallows of Facebook, chatting about something inconsequential or setting to rights the urgent problems of the day.

Sometimes they get up and wander off somewhere. To a different circle, perhaps, around a different campfire. New people arrive and are either welcomed or ignored or blocked or (worst of all possible fates) Unfriended. When things really get out of hand, a flame war may break out.

Of course, really it’s a whole lot more complicated than anything real life has to offer. And, most importantly of all, you can’t get a decent cup of tea when you’re stuck in the middle of a field. Unless it’s a festival of course, and then we can talk about chai. Mmm, chai.

I’m on Day 1 today and that means that, if I want them to, my thoughts can flow more freely than usual, in more different directions, making unexpected connections through strange juxtapositions*. Sometimes a gaggle of thoughts might cohere, coalesce, into something that feels like an idea, and then perhaps the idea will be abandoned, the thoughts will scatter. Like seeds, though, not chaff. I don’t know why this should be so. But it is. Menstruation has its consolations.

(*Nice word, “juxtaposition”.)

I have been having ideas today. And I’ve been inspired to think about things that usually I don’t worry my pretty little head about. I suppose that might be what comes of raising one’s pretty little head above the parapet.

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