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One-minute writing. Or so.

February 25, 2013

NaNoEdMo approacheth. And this time I really want to give it a go. I’m sure there’s something good in the bottom of my 2012 Nano novel – unlike either of the previous ones.

I realise I have written barely a word since before Christmas.

And so I find myself googling writing prompts. It turns out I’m quite choosy about writing prompts, and spent so much time procrastinating about which one to go with that I could have just got on and written something by now. Sigh. But then I came across One-Minute Writer, a blog that says YES you can just write something, even if it is only for one minute. So here goes. I give you – this –

Musical Prompt

Think about whatever song is randomly stuck in your head right now. If you are lucky enough to not have one stuck in your head, think about your favorite song. The main refrain of the chorus of that song (or the first line, if there is no refrain) is your writing prompt today.

Ah, begorrah. Today – today! – no earworm.

I grab a random CD out of the box. No, not that one. Second time lucky? Miles Davis.I scan the track listings. Summertime. When the living is easy. Fish are jumping. (They are?) It’ll do.

I can’t think of this song without hearing Ella Fitzgerald sing it. And then I wonder why on earth nobody ever filmed Porgy & Bess with real jazz singers. I’ve only ever seen it done as a warbly opera. Which sucks.

But now, by some quirk of a particular mood, I have skipped to Billie Holiday and her heartbreaking rendition of Strange Fruit. Perhaps I was better with jumping fish than blood on the leaves. Perhaps the living wasn’t so easy, after all.

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