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I can Whiz!

July 18, 2012

So, the school holidays are finally here. Miss Fly is officially in the limbo land – no longer an infant, not yet a junior – and we are setting sail on the childcare desert that is the summer holidays. They gave her a dictionary. She is ever so pleased.

And, we are off on a couple of camping trips over the next few weeks: one with the Woodcraft Folk and then festival camping at the Green Gathering. I veer between panic – about the dismal weather and the fact that (in the case of Woodcraft at least) I am supposed to be organising the thing – to excitement, and then back again.

Currently I am in the zone of: Excitement!

This is because we had a trip to the local camping stuff shop today and I bought one or two things including a Whiz Freedom (R). (Linky:

I do apologise (nah, not really) if this is TMI but I was pretty well trained in the potty department, so my bladder equipment doesn’t quite know what to think about being instructed to release while in a standing position.

Therefore, I’ve been necking large quantities of water in order to induce whizzing – for practice, you understand. I’m determined to get the hang of this before FTHS* sets in.

(* festival toilet horror syndrome)

Anyway, yes.
I can Whiz! I can wee standing up! With clothes on!

It’s all very liberating.
And hygienic.
And, what’s more, I am contributing my fair share, surely, to the Golden Arrow.


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