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Life is good

July 4, 2012

Just ran this up last week

Knitting is so much fun on this machine. SO MUCH FUN.

I made this cardigan in about 5 days, my first one! Knit by hand it would have taken at least a couple of weeks of real effort. This was an hour or so in the evening for a few days, and then a few hours on and off over the weekend to do the seams and ties and general finishing.

I had a new toy arrive this morning, a little mechanical wool winder that turns skeins of yarn into neat little cakes.

Currently, I am balling up some banana-fibre yarn that I will crochet into a triangular scarf for the Ravelympics (ahem, I mean Ravellenics, damn-you-USOC). It’s a three-handed job really – one to wind and two to hold the skein – but Miss Fly is in bed. No doubt she will be itching to help me tomorrow though.

And meanwhile there is this sideways-knitted short-rowed skirt, in progress on the machine, that is SO UBER BRIGHT. I may turn it into a dress, currently undecided. It is very in three very startling and definitely clashing colours: bright orange, hot pink and a practically fluorescent yellow-green. My friends will not wish to be seen with me when I wear it. Which is fine, because the brightness of the skirt-possibly-dress will be so blinding that nobody will notice them anyway.

Whispers: knitting excitement is killing my FlyLady routines. I may have to go back on babysteps. Right now I’ve told myself that as long as I shine my sink and do my morning routines, everything else is fine…

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