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A child could do it

June 19, 2012

Hemmed cast-on

Cast-off edge

I have been learning things.

So far, we have been mostly knitting snakes. I should say, snake-shaped swatches. This is the latest and, I hope, final one before I move on and do something more interesting instead.

At least, these are the on and off edges of my latest snake – which I think – at last – I may have got the hang of.

The deal is that I get to practice the things I want to learn (casting on and off, mostly – although we did do one very stripey snake so I could practice changing colours) and Miss Fly gets to knit the plain bits in between. Tonight she knitted the best part of 2m of snake – in a matter of minutes.

O. M. G.

So, anyway, I’ve learned a few different ways of casting on, all of which are pretty straightforward – including a version that leads to a Perfect Hem. At least, so the manual says, and who am I to argue?

I’ve got the hang of changing colours – which took me a surprising amount of fiddling about for something which seemed so simple. There are many small things which, if not quite right, can lead to doom. Serious doom.

And I’ve tried a few different cast-off methods – one called, very inaccurately Big Loops (shoulda been called Big Mess); one called Screw This For A Game Of Soldiers (i.e. get the stitches onto a needle and cast off the old fashioned way, by hand); and one that hasn’t got a name as far as I can tell but is apparently the “standard” way.

Tonight’s, nameless but possibly standard method was the most successful by a long way although I’m still not happy with it quite. It’s not as neat a finish as casting off by hand, and it is still a bit fiddly – but certainly the least frustrating method so far and therefore a temporary winner.

The quest continues.

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