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Mission: cherry rescue

June 9, 2012

A few days ago or so I noticed that this year, for the first time, we have actual cherries on our tree.

I planted it as a sapling maybe two or three years ago and knew better than to expect cherries any time soon – these babies take a looooong time to get established and start fruiting in earnest.

Last year we had some blossom, but nothing came of it. This year, I didn’t even bother looking at it particularly because I assumed, again, that nothing much would happen yet.

But here we are, with a few cherries on the tree. Hoorah!

And a few of them had been nibbled so I made a mental note to work out what kind of protection if any I could rig up to try and nurse at least a few through to ripeness so that we might, if we are lucky, get to taste actual cherries this year. But then, I didn’t really know what to do and I didn’t have time right then to work it out, so nothing happened. Ho hum.

But yesterday I spotted a blackbird, sitting on the fence and looking at my tree with a baleful eye – and today I noticed that a few more of the still-green cherries had been nibbled. Inspired by a piece on the radio about musical Balinese scarecrows, I finally sprang into action about half an hour ago.

First, I found some netting in the garage – but it was much smaller than I remembered, and the gauge of the mesh much bigger, so I couldn’t feasibly use it for what I’d had in mind, which was to make some kind of marvellous improvised bird-proof enclosure.  I suppose it’s just as well because, although I had an end result in mind, I had no real idea how to go about achieving it.

Instead, I moved on seamlessly to Plan B, and draped the netting over the branches in what I hope is a confusing and menacing fashion. I also found some old blank CDs and strung them up in the hope that they will produce terrifying movements and reflections.

If all this fails – I suppose there is always next year.

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