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More anti-jubilation

June 3, 2012

I make stuff, too

I managed to find a radio station today that wasn’t broadcasting anything to do with the Jubilee. Huzzah! Sadly, it was Radio 4 Extra, so not exactly a brilliant alternative.

But you can’t win them all and I did at least get a lot of crochet done – the weather being too rubbish for our planned barbecue.

I finished two crochet projects – go me! One was a string of rainbow bunting for a friend’s birthday and the other was a crochet maxi-dress.

This is in fact the first crochet dress I’ve ever made and I must say I’m rather pleased with it – although I admit it does look a bit straight up and down in the photo, without my ample curves to fill it out, and you can’t really see the delicious stitch pattern (Doris Chan – my love – although heavily modified as the original pattern is for a mini-dress with an open, lacy midriff – shudders).

Perhaps what it needs is a photo-shoot…

All of which adds a third wardrobe option for the street party tomorrow, of course – instead of resolving my quandary, I have managed to deepen it. Ha.

Another thing I have achieved this weekend, apart from studious flag-dodging, is to get back on the wagon FLY-wise. What with one thing and another – mainly, being a bit ill* and tired, but also spending a bit too much time resting on my laurels after the great success of my birthday party – it had all started to slip a little. I hadn’t even been shining my sink for the last week or so.

(*I am dreadful at being ill. I sometimes I like to imagine that I soldier on like, as my friend described it not long ago, a beetle. In reality, the least little sign of illness is an excuse to moan, complain, and abandon all pretence at soldiering on. Many people live through much worse on a daily basis, I know, than the kind of discomfort, tiredness or pain that sends me whimpering to my bed. I am not sure why I am such a wuss, but I think it may be something to do with the privilege I usually enjoy of being able to take good health for granted.)

<Hangs head.>

But I’m not behind – so she says – and I don’t need to catch up – I can just jump in where I am. This morning I therefore resolved to buck up my ideas a bit, and spent a little time sprucing up the worst backsliders – Miss Fly’s room and the living room.  I may have to put myself back on babysteps – but I’m hoping I’ve caught the decline in good time.

As of now, most rooms are more or less back up to scratch and I’m only a little behind on laundry. Nothing like the Mount Washmore of yore. I’m off work this week, as it’s half term school holidays, and have a full meal plan for the whole nine days as well as – terrifyingly – suggested activities for each day.

<Perks up.>

Now. The perennial female question. What to wear tomorrow?

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  1. June 4, 2012 12:03 am

    The dress looks beautiful, especially the flaired hem!

    • June 4, 2012 7:54 am

      Thank you!

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