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So proud of me

May 9, 2012


Well, that’s it.

I’ve finished the babysteps. I’ve finished the 8-week plan. I’ve kept at it for more than 2 months now altogether.

I’m not p*****t yet, and never will be, but I’ve got the house substantially decluttered and I’m keeping it cleaner and tidier than I’ve ever managed to keep any place clean and tidy in my whole life.

Things like making the bed, swishing and swiping, clearing off key flat surfaces, shining my kitchen sink, keeping up with the laundry, getting my clothes ready the night before – they’re all pretty much habitual now. I won’t say I do every thing every day, but that’s OK. Most things, most days is all I need to achieve and I’m there. Go me!

I have plenty of the more detailed decluttering to do (cupboards to go through, drawers to clear out, that sort of thing), and I’ve got plenty of good habits yet to acquire – I’m good with the daily tasks, just not so good yet with the weekly and monthly things.

It’s easy to get bogged down with all those things I’d like to be better at and forget how far I’ve come so this post is about me giving myself a pat on the back and celebrating how far I’ve come. I should maybe have taken some “before” pictures so that I can be amazed at the difference – I was too ashamed of the place “before”, of course…

And, what’s next?

I’m going to be relaxed about adding more cleaning to my schedule for now… The two key things I want to improve are using my calendar and meal planning/cooking. I’m heaps better at both than I ever used to be – but neither is coming to me quite as naturally as I would ideally like.

So, I’m going to consolidate and improve on those two things for a little while, keep my daily routines going with as much weekly stuff as is comfortable, and take it from there.

Most importantly, I’m going to remember to be proud of myself. I rock! 😀

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