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Vote, but –

May 3, 2012

Found debate

No matter which crappy all-the-same parties are contesting any given yet-another-seemingly-pointless election, I always vote and I will always vote. Even if it’s a protest vote. Even if it’s a spoiled ballot paper. Even if all the bastards are all the bloody same.


Because I live in a democracy, dammit, a democracy hard fought for by women and men over years and years and years. And it may be a crappy sort of democracy, and we may not get much say, and we may have been all too collectively stupid to choose a sensible voting system even when given the chance – but that’s no reason to toss away the very little chance we do get to participate in this shoddy business that is called government.

I could rant some more. Mercifully, I won’t.

Every time I vote, for what it’s worth, I give thanks to the suffragettes. Thank you, sincerely, to all the suffragists and suffragettes. Although, I imagine you had higher hopes for us – and I bet you didn’t think it would all turn out quite this way, did you?

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