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Reasons to be cheerful

April 24, 2012


I may be too old to stay out on the town until 3am. Honestly, I went out Friday – it’s Tuesday now, and I’m still catching up on the lost sleep!

Not sure whether it’s the extra tiredness or whether I’m just going a bit faster than I should be with trying to get everything right at once – but – sticking to these routines for maintenance has been a bit too hard.

<makes sad face, gets out violin>

So here’s some upbeat to make you believe everything is fine. Because it kind of is.

1. I found aquilegia in my back garden – a few plants have survived the chicken onslaught and are coming back into flower for me. Hooray!

2. Although I’ve been imperfectly fluttering at these routines, the ones that are supposed to keep my house nice so I never have to have an 8-week plan again, I have at least been doing a little something every day, even on the very unproductive days I at least have a go at something. And that’s a great deal better than where I was when I started this whole thing only two months ago. Making my bed is practically automatic now, I’ve only missed sink-shining very occasionally and swish & swipe is happening pretty nearly daily.

3. Although I didn’t quite stick to my plan for week 7, I did get a fair bit done in the Final Frontier (my living room) and I will do some more this week. I might even finish it this week, although if I don’t get some energy back soon it’s unlikely! However, I expected there to be blips and there is a ninth week for wiggle room, so it’s OK if this week I’m still feeling a bit tired. (And I’m not just saying that, it actually is OK…. Phew!)

4. I’ve been to the allotment twice! Today we even went in a Light Shower. It was definitely Hardly Raining At All; and the more often I said that, the more thoroughly I believed it.

Either way, with today’s flashdig we’ve managed three 15-minute sessions digging over the brassica-patch-to-be, along with plenty of weeding. Miss Fly has been a most dedicated all-weather weeder, 🙂

We’ve also tackled the asparagus bed a bit more, harvested mainly rhubarb, and started clearing the old carpet covering the summer squash bed which will soon be plant-ready.

(Clearing the old carpet – sounds easy – but it isn’t, as there are plenty of weeds that are not put off by a bit of old carpet, couch grass chief among them. The ground underneath though looks pretty good, once the covering comes up.)

5. Did I mention the rhubarb harvest?

We are turning out rhubarb-and-something crumbles like there’s no tomorrow. (Which, for my supply of tinned-fruit-shaped clutter, there isn’t. Yay!) These two were rhubarb and peach. The big one was for us, the little one Miss Fly insisted on making for her rhubarb-loving teacher (girly swot pants) and it seems to have gone down well at school, even if the crumble did taste a bit as though it had been made by a seven year old. Which, of course, it had.

Miss Fly loves having a clean kitchen where she can actually do cooking with me instead of being shouted at to get out of the way all the time. There is more space, more peace, more control – and much less in-the-way-ness.

6. Cooking. I’m doing it. And washing up. Not every day or anything – but still. I’m experimenting with various online meal planners – starting with the NHS 5-a-day planner this week. I may post reviews in due course.

I will think of these things, and try to be kinder to myself.

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