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April 19, 2012

Why, yes, my house is furnished entirely by Ikea, as this photograph plainly shows.

For some reason, I’m absolutely shattered right now. I’m having to drag myself around.


I gave myself a choice between doing the mini-blessing in today’s zone – the kitchen – or spending the 15 minutes decluttering in the living room to progress the 8-week plan. (I didn’t think I could manage both… and I was right.)

So I’ve done 15 minutes in the living room and cleared out all the crap that has accumulated under the table – toys, papers, bits of Halloween costumes, crafty things, and plain old rubbish. Some of it probably got stashed there on purpose by Miss Fly, but a lot of it must have just somehow fallen off the table and stayed where it fell.

I haven’t found homes for everything yet – the craft stuff is in one pile; the toys are in a big bag in Miss Fly’s room ready for her to put away; the rubbish is in the bin; and most of the rest is stacked on the table instead of under, waiting for me to find the energy to sort it all out. Anyhow, the timer went off while I was still cleaning the floor so I just finished that off and felt excused from doing anything about the rest.

I just walked away.

On the upside though, I did then manage at least the more critical bits on the kitchen mini-blessing list. Go me! What with cooking and washing up and writing this post, that means I’m up to five items from my daily challenge list. Woo!

I’m going to drink some water and watch a bit of Buffy and get an early night.
Yes, it’s true. I do live on the edge.
It’s a single working mother thing.

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