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How do people know this stuff?

April 17, 2012
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OMG washing machine maintenance!

As I sit here, surrounded by the litter of yet another Tuesday Crisp Orgy, I can at least feel proud that I’ve done something good with the washing machine today.

I have a washer-dryer (I know, I know – but there are reasons, let’s move on) and lately it’s been really struggling to dry the clothes. As in, for the last week or so I might as well not have bothered with the drying part at all – the clothes come out just as wet as if I’d stopped the cycle after spin.

Well I’d heard something about dryers and lint and filters, or something… Anyway… I had no idea whether it applied to washer-dryers but there’s a little square at the bottom that looks like it might be a tiny door and this morning before work I thought I’d poke about and see what happened.

What happened was that after a minute or two I figured out how to open the door and was presented with a thing like a small, capped hose  and another thing like a knob. No, not that kind. The kind you turn. It didn’t have a little label saying “Turn Me!”, but I turned it anyway, just to see what would happen.

OMG water! It gushed out like I’d opened a tap, so I thought “Hm, maybe that’s some kind of tap” and closed it back up again and mopped up the flood and went on with my life.

I’m sure you already know that Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

After work, I opened up that little trap door and turned the knob again. This time I took the precaution of putting a tray on the floor first which caught most of the water. Yes it did indeed gush out again…

The reason for this insanity was that the load of washing I put on this morning after the gushing flood incident was OMG really dry! As in, not just drier than it’s been for the last couple of weeks when I’ve noticed the bad – but really, really superdry. It just had to be letting the water out that made the difference, right?

I closed the knob, emptied the tray and tried once more. More water but, this time, a different end result because that was the lot and no more water came out.Yay!

So I unscrewed the knob completely and it turns out that this is the place you’re supposed to clean out every once in a while. The knob is attached to a thingy, and inside the thingy there were two stickers, a coin, a button, a small piece of ribbon, a pink hairclip and some gunge.

I’m expecting that the next load of laundry will be BEYOND DRY AND OUT THE OTHER SIDE.

Into the land of the ultra dry.

Well, apart from laughing at my own incompetence, there is a serious point to this story. Which is – how do some people (like you, I expect) just know how to fix things and other people (like me) just have no idea?

Both my parents would have managed to sort this out in a heartbeat, without feeling that they were making some kind of magical journey of discovery. So why didn’t I ever learn how? Is it because my parents assumed that they didn’t need to teach me because, as a girl, I would never need to know this stuff – that I would grow up and get married and my husband would deal with it? Or is it because I’m just hopeless? I don’t really believe I’m hopeless – I’m pretty good at many things and I’m very far from stupid – so, what then?

Whatever else I may learn from this escapade, I’m making a mental note – soon to be added to my FlyBook – to check this more often. At least that’s one thing that won’t catch me out again. 🙂

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