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Not bad, for a Monday

April 16, 2012

Laundry corner: under control!

I spent 13 minutes on today’s mini-blessing and got everything done (well, everything except changing the bedlinen – I’m still not really behind that…)

I’ve just been working out the seven tasks for Tuesday’s mini-blessing and it’s pretty much the same list, just on a different floor…

And I’m going to miss out the bedlinen again, but that will be because I’ve literally only just changed it two days ago so I feel rather more justified this time.

  • Hoover carpets (just the middles)
  • Change bedlinen
  • Run a duster round the ceiling
  • Wipe down flat surfaces
  • Wipe round the bathtub
  • Polish mirrors
  • Get out clean towels

Meanwhile, I just thought I’d boast about how my laundry corner is in no way overflowing even though there is no laundry strewn about the house anywhere. A load a day really does keep Mount Washmore away! (Even when sometimes you don’t quite get round to it…)

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