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April 15, 2012

OMG Bedroom 🙂

Wow, my bedroom is finished! I say “finished” – I guess I mean “good enough”.

The bits around the corner from this shot are still a wee bit cluttered and all the drawers need a good sort out but – hey – this is *presentable* and that, currently, is what I’m going for. It’s good enough.

This means that my “two big rooms” that haven’t been done yet have now become “one big room” – the living room. Week 7 of the 8-week plan is coming up, and is all about maintaining my good work so far and really staying on top of the routines while at the same time making a start on the final frontier. I’m planning to declutter my under-stairs cupboard and work on surface clutter in the living room – which will then get finished in Week 8: The Last Big Push

So it’s all pretty much on schedule and I’m pretty damn pleased with myself. Especially since I’ve been letting the routines slip a bit lately, and the last couple of days in particular have been a bit crap. I also hurt my foot on Friday (series of unfortunate events involving a toppling shopping trolley swiftly followed by a 25kg bag of chicken food both landing on the same foot) which didn’t help. But we’ve got back on track today and I’m feeling OK again. Go me!

As part of Week 7’s drive to really focus on maintenance, I’m going to be kicking off with my New Plan (the daily mini-blessing plan) from Monday. In a minute I’m going to make a list of all the tasks I think I need to do on a weekly basis in my bedroom / shower room, and tomorrow I’m going to see if they can all be done in one 15 minute blitz.

UPDATE: So far I’ve got:

  • Hoover carpets (just the middles)
  • Change bedlinen
  • Run a duster round the ceiling
  • Wipe down flat surfaces
  • Wipe round the shower cubicle
  • Polish mirrors
  • Get out clean towels

Whaddayaknow – seven tasks. That makes me happy. And, I think I can probably do them all in 15 minutes, as long as I don’t faff about too much.

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