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Mixed blessing

April 12, 2012

Proof of maintenance

I think I’ve decided that the weekly home blessing hour is not for me.

I’ve done it a couple of times and I don’t like it – it’s too much all at once. Each time I do it I feel like I’ve failed a bit, because I don’t manage to get everything done and I can’t even keep going for a full hour.

And the hotspots and room rescues on my routines are definitely not working for me either. I’m supposed to do one of each every morning but I just end up either skipping it or doing an undirected seven-minute something / whatever instead. I don’t even really have hotspots right now – I have bits I have cleaned and decluttered, and bits I haven’t!

(The only hotspots, if you can call it that, are the places at the top and bottom of the stairs where I put things ready to go up or down a floor next time I do. And I’m getting pretty good at actually picking the things up and actually taking them up or down, so the stairs are staying clear most of the time – which, by the way, is MASSIVE GOODNESS compared with where I was even a couple of months ago. Cue round of applause! Admire unstaged snap of my top stairs!)

So I’ve been grumbling to myself, but the grumbling hasn’t necessarily been in vain because I’ve come up with a New Plan.

My little voice is telling me that my new plan can’t possibly be better than just doing what FlyLady tells me, because she knows what she’s doing and I’m still getting the hang of it. I’m not sure, however, whether that’s my sensible little voice or my negative little voice – so I’m going to ignore it for now and see how things turn out. I can always go back to the True FlyLady Path if this doesn’t work out, after all.

The New Plan involves changing almost all the routines in my FlyBook, and I’ve started working on that already.

(It’s not as radical as it sounds, because mostly I’m just rationalising, but it feels radical to be ripping up page after page so I’m only going to actually re-write them a bit at a time!)

My morning routine I have re-written. Instead of a haphazard list, it is now an organised plan. The tasks are grouped by where I do them – from top floor down to the ground floor – and in the right order to just run through the list from getting out of bed all the way down to the final job, eating breakfast. I think the whole routine should take 30 to 40 minutes depending mostly on what I choose to have for breakfast.

The key bit (I hope) is that instead of spending seven minutes doing something random – and feeling slightly guilty that I’m not doing a targeted hotspot / room rescue instead – I’m doing  a “2-minute spritz” on each of the three floors. In the good parts of the house, this is just going to be a whoosh round straightening up anything that is out of place. In the not-so-good parts it will be 2 minutes just tackling whatever is in front of my eyes.

(Incidentally, I’ve done something similar with my bedtime routine while I was at it. I’ve grouped and ordered it from the bottom floor to the top, and replaced the displeasing 2-minute evening hotspot with a second 2-minute spritz on the ground floor which is, for now at least, the place most likely to need a bit of extra spritzing.)

As for the weekly home blessing, FlyLady suggests breaking up the list if it’s all a bit much to do one go – instead of doing it all at once, do seven blessings one a day, or whenever you can fit them in, or something. Well, I’m kind of going to do that. My “seven” blessings are going to be organised as weekly tasks in each of five zones, so that I will have one mini-blessing to do each weekday (kind of like FlyLady’s weekly zones, only these will be daily zones!) The zones will be, from Monday to Friday: top floor, middle floor, thoroughfares, kitchen, rest of ground floor. I’m going to make a mini task-list for each zone – a zone blessing, if you will – but there will be a time limit of 15 minute per zone.

There’s more, but I’m still figuring out the details – and anyway it all might need a bit of tweaking after I’ve run with it for a couple of weeks. Anyway, I’m feeling positive about the New Plan and I’m certain the details will start falling into place before long. Hooray!

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