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New things on walls

April 7, 2012

New things on walls

Today hasn’t exactly gone to plan – but no matter. I’ve got something nice done at least, and stuck to my routines, and progressed in my babysteps, and all in all it could be worse.

Swish and swipe is on the road, and I’ve struck a seam of the “read this thing” babysteps that FlyLady throws in after any significant advance, to give you time to settle in.

More importantly, my shiny new pink hallway has new things on the walls!

One is a collage of kitten pictures and toddler pictures for my cat and my child (who are, coincidentally, almost exactly the same age) and the other is a knitted entrelac rainbow panel. (Knitting and kittens, what’s not to like?!)

I made the entrelac panel last year. It was going to be a Rainbow Jumper of Awesome, but the whole project turned out to be one of the Great UFOs of Doom – the ones you can never quite get up the enthusiasm to finish because it all seems so uphill.

So, in a liberating fit of destruction, I frogged the lot, except for this panel which has been knocking about waiting for something to do.

It was a bugger to frame, and it’s consequently a bit squashed up against the glass – but I’m happy anyhow. It’s not pink, and it’s not a map…

ME: I tried hard to avoid “welcome-to-my-gay-house pink
THE UNIVERSE: How's that working out for you?

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