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April 5, 2012

I had a period some years ago of liking old maps and other assorted ephemera. I put several framed maps (of various fairly random places) up on my walls. Don’t get me wrong – I still kind of like that stuff – but I’m thoroughly bored of the ones on my walls.

So part of my 8-week plan is to look at improving the situation, changing things around and making the place a bit jollier.

Today, with no particular purpose in mind, I’ve been sorting through old photos, postcards and other suchlike things that I’ve acquired or hung onto but which I’ve never really looked at or used since they first came into my life.

And I thought: Hey, I know, why don’t I put some of these up on the wall instead of those boring old maps? What a brilliant, spectacular idea!

And then the sensible voice in me rebelled and made lots of pointed remarks about what a very large job that would be, and terribly difficult, and you’d need all sorts of materials and tools that you don’t have, and you’d have to spend hours working out which pictures should go together in what frames and arranging them and creating an effective background against which to display them and – and – and -STOP!!

So I didn’t do that, and had something to eat instead, and carried on with my life.

And I still had the boring maps on my wall.

So I thought about it some more, and spent it a bit of time surfing the web looking at what other people had done to display old photos and postcards and whatnot and nothing took my fancy, so I had a cup of tea instead, and carried on with my life.

And I still had the boring maps on my wall.

Finally, I had the best thought of all which was – blow this for a game of soldiers. I’m doing that thing. The thing FlyLady rails against.

I was letting my perfectionism get in the way of doing something real. I was paralysed into inaction by feeling that if I can’t do the job properly then I’d rather not do it at all. So I stopped thinking about it and just did it.

I had some sticky dots in my drawer – and I knew I had them, and where they were, due to having recently decluttered and organised the lair, go me! – so fished them out and started sticking pictures onto the front of one of the boring maps, right onto the glass without taking the map out of the frame or anything.

So far, I’ve done three.

The first is a mash of assorted postcards and greetings cards I like, along with a beautiful photograph I suppose I must have taken, but don’t remember, of a sunset (I guess it could be a sunrise, but I’m not usually up that early). I think it is a sunset in Stockholm from a trip there in about 2001.

The other two are a touch more orderly, sets of photos from old holidays to Brighton and New York respectively. I have mentally entitled them “Three Brighton Scenes”, and “The Rockefeller Center With Flags”, which makes me feel suitably pompous about the whole thing. Look, I even spelled “center” the American way… Rockefeller, incidentally, is not on a map but on a certificate issued in 1967 by the Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffaloes. The Railway Lodge, if it makes any difference, although I doubt that this makes their claim to antedilulvianity any more credible.

Well, it looks a bit slapdash. Let’s face it, it is a bit slapdash, that was the whole point. So I don’t recommend this as a tip to beautify your home – don’t blame me if you follow suit and find yourself with amateurish looking decor. But I kind of like it, and I’m happy to cover up the boring with something new, and it’ll keep me going until that mysterious future time of the Round Tuit, possibly long into the future, when I have time and resources to do it properly.


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