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Not in any way gynecological

April 4, 2012

Front passage. Ahem.

I had to scratch the painting itch, didn’t I?

Despite my burnout worries, I had to get the paintbrushes out and do my hallway. The walls are “pink pink” and the coving is “glamorous gold”. Or something like that. Paint names are weird. Anyway, I’ve almost stopped noticing the bits that went a bit wrong and the bits that need touching up, so I think I can start being proud of it. Yay!

(Touching up will happen, but I’ve made a conscious decision now that this is enough painting until after the 8 week plan is done. )

Now, with crochet goodness

It’s really girly. I tried hard to avoid “barbie pink”, “welcome to my gay house pink” and “my hallway looks like a vagina pink”, but I’m not a connoisseur of pink so I’m not sure I got it right…

Also, my friends are being hilarious about my pink front passage – LOL, etc. šŸ˜€

Anyways, I’m not going to put anything else pink in here, and have started the not-pink trend with some fabulous and non-pink crochet wall-art by my good friend at Squash Blossom Fibres.

It’s a beautiful witchy-woo doily, complete with cat and pumpkins. It used to hang in my living room but I love having it right here where I can notice it every day. šŸ™‚



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