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First world problems

April 4, 2012

"The Science Girl" is born

It’s been a pottering sort of day – quietly productive, without being too hectic or stressful or tiring. šŸ™‚

The plumber came, and took ages and cost me all my chocolate money (for the next fifty Easters) but tada!….. She has fixed all the things: I now have a leak-free downstairs toilet, and all taps are fully operational.

This is important, because for one thing, it’s about bloody time, and for another it’s nudging me closer towards embracing the swish and swipe.

  • It’s not fair! I’ve got three bathrooms*.
  • The toilets will never be clean anyway – they’re horrible!**
  • They’re too cluttered to swish & swipe!
  • They don’t even work properly anyway!

(* Well, three rooms with toilets in anyway, but we’ll stick with the euphemism for now – nobody likes to say “toilet rooms”. Even then, it seems rather excessive for a two-person family, I agree… There’s an ensuite shower room, a family bathroom and a downstairs W.C.)

(** Thank you, lethal death-chemicals of mortal doom.)

It also helps that the next babystep is swish & swipe – I’ve been working up to as part of my 8-week plan, in which this week, week five, is focussed on the bathrooms and thoroughfares (i.e. hallway, two flights of stairs, two landings).

Well, it’s only Wednesday and already the shower room and downstairs W.C. are clean, de-cluttered and fully functional so both of those are going into immediate swish & swipe. The bathroom is nearly there, too – just a couple more 15-minute sessions to go, I think.

That’ll just leave “It’s not fair” to contend with, which would be the whiny aspect of my little voice.

No, little voice, it’s really not fair. Most people have far more people in their families, and some of them don’t have any kind of bathroom at all. Count your blessings, all three of them, and swish those toilets. So ner.

Bloody first world problems.

In other news, I’ve built a couple of websites, made rhubarb and mango crumble with Miss Fly, kept up with my FlyBook and even spent a few minutes at a time just beginning to tackle the two remaining Rooms of Doom – my bedroom and the living room.

I’ll post the crumble recipe in a minute, but here, without more ado, is Miss Fly’s new website, The Science Girl. She plans to post about nature, science, experiments, critters and other stuff that may take her fancy from time to time. She has started with Dinosaurs and Swede.

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