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Pride goes before a {serious burnout risk}

April 1, 2012

Awesome sauce

It has been an OMG kind of day.

It didn’t start well – going to bed last night without shining my sink made a surprisingly big impact on my day and threw out my morning routines to a degree I wouldn’t have expected. I came down to find a messy kitchen and got sidetracked with tackling that – which meant that what with one thing or another I forgot to feed the cat until lunchtime (MIAOW) and generally felt like it was all getting out of hand.

One small thing makes such a difference!

Nevertheless, we have accomplished an amazing amount today after a shaky start:

  • Trip to the tip (mostly consisting of a carload of mattress – a “spare”* one, if you please, that I had forgotten I had).
  • Trip to B&Q to look at paint and get some annual plants from the garden – because I’ve decided I’ve got too much on and I’m having nothing to do with seeds this year. That’s one of my many new compromises with perfectionism.
  • Trip to the place where you can get £5.50 in exchange for a few bags of unwanted clothes and soft toys and things.
  • Finished touching up Miss Fly’s bedroom.
  • Weeded the garden a bit and bunged in the plants: sweet peas (I love sweet peas), foxgloves and some saxa – sassa – I’ve had a gin now and I can’t quite get my head round it but they’re pink and pretty. Admittedly foxgloves aren’t annuals in the usual way, but I’ve never managed to get one past the first year yet. Here’s hoping.
  • Completely cleaned the downstairs WC – top to bottom, quite literally. And – drum roll – fixed the wobbly toilet roll holder that’s been wobbly ever since my dear mum put it up 9 years ago. I can see why she had trouble, the walls in this house seem, for some reason, to be a bit rubbish at gripping onto wall plugs. Let’s not dwell on the fact that I eventually resorted to superglue to make the damn thing stick.
  • Put back all the furniture and generally finished off Miss Fly’s room, so the only thing left to do in there now is to thoroughly clean/sweep the floor ready for it to go into routine maintenance.
  • Cooked three meals, with washing up to match. If you can count toasting crumpets or warming up soup as “cooking” anyway. (Dinner, at least, was bona fide cookery.)

* Read, “unused since at least 2005, and doesn’t fit either of my beds, but obviously at some point I decided it would be a good idea to keep it behind Miss Fly’s wardrobe in case it came in handy one day”.

And that’s on top of my usual routines, including my new weekend mission – the 10-minute Wonderful Weekend Window mission, in which I will spend 10 minutes every weekend cleaning a window, clearing a windowsill or otherwise keeping the eyes of my house in a state of elegance and wonder. Today’s 10 minutes was spent peeling Halloween stickers off Miss Fly’s window. Before you decide how shocked to be about that, I will add that I don’t think they were from last year, either.

The only thing I haven’t got to today is the online grocery shopping (I’ve got a meal plan and a shopping list, just haven’t actually placed an order), but I don’t mind that since I’m planning to get it delivered on Wednesday this week anyway: I’m off work, don’t need any groceries urgently, and have to stay in Wednesday morning for the – drum roll – plumber! I’ve arranged for what may be my only local female plumber to come and fix a few odd jobs that I’ve been procrastinating about for too long.

How much bedroom does a defunct mattress steal?

Incidentally, have you any idea how much a dead mattress steals from your room, when you stash it behind a wardrobe? Apparently, I’d never thought about it like that before, but I can tell you now that it’s bout 15cm – the distance from the front of the wardrobe in the picture (left) and the coin, showing where the front used to be.

Miss Fly’s room looks enormous now, although of course moving the wardrobe back is only a small part of that. I’ve also taken a bookcase out as part of this process – and just generally clearing the clutter and arranging the furniture more sensibly all round makes a great difference. She now has a really decent amount of space in which to actually, you know, play.


So anyway, I’ve completely overdone it and am slightly worried that there is burnout around the corner. We actually did get some paint at B&Q this morning and I’ve been itching to paint some house. I’ve had to seriously restrain myself with the mantra – ONE THING AT A TIME. I had to force myself to sit down and knit for an hour at one point…

So I’m going to try and take it steady tomorrow and make sure we spend a decent amount of time doing something relaxing, such as, for example, nothing at all 🙂

I leave you with some quick snaps of my imperfect garden (we’re still working on embracing imperfection, but we’re getting there – Miss Fly is particularly good at picking me up if I inadvertently use the P-word). It’s the (tiny!) front garden – of course: nothing at all green and tender would survive chicken-ageddon at the back, so there wouldn’t be any point panting annuals there, and all my prettification efforts are now focused forwards.

Here you go:


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