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The seven blessings

March 30, 2012

Your blessing is... declined.

Today I have done my first ever Weekly Home Blessing Hour.

(Try not to be sick when you say it out loud – it only means there is more to clean. In time I imagine I’ll come up with a better name for it – suggestions in the comments would make a lovely change from the usual spamalot! – but for now we’ll stick with WHBH and like it.)

WHBH consists of seven weekly jobs to be done as fast as possible in an hour or less – THIS IS NOT DETAILED CLEANING. FlyLady tells me that a lot and it has sunk in. THIS IS NOT DETAILED CLEANING. The idea is to set your timer for ten minutes at a time and do NO MORE THAN ten minutes on each task. Some will take less, meaning you can get everything done in an hour.

We’re not going to procrastinate, and we’re not going to be perfectionist.

FlyLady’s list of seven jobs doesn’t quite work for me – for example, one of them is “purge magazines”. Who has enough magazines coming into their house that they have to have a weekly purge? Not me, that’s for sure.

My seven blessings are:

1. Clean the kitchen floor. In ten minutes I managed to sweep the whole floor, including moving the bin and the cat tray and washing the yucky bit under the bin. While I was at it I also washed the floor mats (I use one for putting the cat’s bowls on and another for putting the compost caddy on – I’m not sure whether this is strictly necessary or even helpful, but the situation is under review), and I bleached both the compost caddy and the cat’s poo scoop – I put them to soak with a bit of bleach as my very first step, and then rinsed at the very end of the hour.  Flying start!

2. Change the bed linen. Less of a success, as this is a job I resist at the best of times, and I didn’t change it all that long ago… I’ve never been able to quite get my head around the idea that sheets need changing weekly. (Really? They do? But they don’t look dirty!) Well, I showed willing and at least changed the duvet cover on Miss Fly’s bed so as to avoid total disgrace. I’ll get better at this with practice. (That’s the spirit.)

3. Dusting. I got my pound shop telescopic duster and went on a cobweb hunt. It took me very slightly less than 10 minutes to go through the entire house and I think I got them all. Fun! The only bit I couldn’t reach was the ridiculously high-ceilinged bit above the stairs. I’m trying not to be a perfectionist about it.

4. Tidy away yarn and books. These are the things that clutter my house – not magazines! – so I spent 10 minutes gathering up some books and putting them back where they belong. I didn’t get this “finished” – it’s going to take a lot more than 10 minutes! – but that wasn’t the point. And, this is going to get easier over time anyway, because I’m going to get better at putting things away when I’ve finished with them. (That’s the spirit.)

5. Brush down the stairs. Easy win, because I’d done this only a few days ago, so it took less than 10 minutes to do both flights of stairs and keep them looking awesome. I rock!

6. Polish the mirrors. Another quick, easy and satisfying little job. Go me.

7. Straighten hall cupboard and understairs cupboard. I was in need of a break by this point after nearly an hour of rushing around, so I forgave myself the understairs cupboard (which hasn’t been decluttered yet, and you can’t clean clutter, so ner) and just did the hall cupboard. By itself, that was another nice easy job, because it hasn’t had time to get messy yet.

All done! In just under an hour – so maybe next time I will be less wimpy about the bed changing.

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