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Venturing beyond magnolia

March 29, 2012

OMG hallway

The hall cupboard has made this happen. I now have somewhere to put the stuff that usually lurks – ahem, I mean used to lurk – in my hallway with half a sort-of excuse: the bags and shoes and things. Now they are gone, it was easy-peasy to clear away all the remaining clutter, get those doors *closed* (hitherto impossible, due to things being hung over them and things falling out of them and things sticking out from behind them, and things just generally being in the way) and turn my hallway into this.


Part of me is impressed and inspired. Inspired enough to wash my front door down with hot soapy water and then polish it up with window cleaner – inside and out. This is something I think I have never done before in my entire life.

The other part of me is sitting back and saying – well, honey, right, then. Right. Then.

This hasn’t been decorated since the builders did it in magnolia and, now there’s no clutter, all I can see is the boring, boring, generic magnolia – which after nine years is looking pretty scuffed and tired, I can tell you. Plain, boring, scruffy and grubby. This is why you’ve got no close-ups.

So, yes. After the cleaning – decorating. I will slap a bit of paint on here and put up a jolly accessory there and give the place a bit of personality. The kind of personality that isn’t just made up of layers of clutter, the kind that is chosen. That kind.

Here’s where I’ve started…. (And there, you see, that there is why I shouldn’t do close-ups!)

Step one: light fittings

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