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Cleared for take-off

March 28, 2012

OMG stairs

I have a super-clear flight of stairs!

The other flight (I have a 3-storey house, which doesn’t make me magically fit and healthy in quite the same way as I expected it to when I first moved in) isn’t far off, either. It’s not perfect, because I’m using it as a staging area for bags of de-cluttered clothes and what-have-you that I’m taking to sell for 50p a kilo as soon as I have filled a couple more. But it’s not bad.

(Oh, OK, confession – you beat it out of me – it’s not just the bags. The second flight also has a couple of other bits and bobs that I am going to take upstairs later when I go to bed… But still.)

Also, I’m learning to spurn perfectionism, so ner.

FlyLady tells me that my perfectionism makes me procrastinate; it makes me hyperfocus on the wrong things; and it makes me spend too long on things and get burned out before I’ve achieved anything genuinely useful; and it also stops me from just getting stuck in and getting stuff done, because I’m dithering about how to do it exactly and perfectly right.

I think she’s probably right, and I’m talking right back at my little voice when it uses what FlyLady calls the p-word.

Meanwhile, today’s baby step is to work on my FlyBook – which suits me nicely as today is also paperwork night and I reckon working on my FlyBook counts as paperwork. So I’ve started a rough weekly schedule. In honour of my OMG-Stairs, I have declared Wednesday “clear the stairs day” as well as paperwork night.

In other news – Domestos Zero Limescale Toilet Acid of Doom is completely OMHG *amazing*.

I assume other brands do much the same thing, this just happens to be the one I got from the supermarket as it is on offer this week. My toilets were in a right old state and frankly I thought my choices were to either put up with it or buy a new toilet. But this deadly chemical of death has done amazing things – after about 3 or 4 applications, all but the very last shadows of that bad toilet stuff has gone. Honestly, no scrapey grey stuff, no rust stains, and definitely no germs.

I think I need to honour the sparkly new toilets with at least a daily swish – if not, quite yet, a complementary swipe – so while I’m messing about with the FlyBook I’m going to add that to my morning routine.

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