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I have a Launch Pad!

March 27, 2012
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I’ve cleared out my hall cupboard completely!*

(*Well, almost completely…)

And now I can actually hang coats up in the actual hall cupboard where there is an actual hanging place for coats. Instead of draping them over doors and door-handles and the backs of chairs. I even put in a coat hook at an appropriate height for Miss Fly, so she can hang her things up in here, too. Awesomeness.

And, at last, a shoe tidy – that red thing, which I assembled and screwed into the wall today ready for use. I’ve yet to round up all the shoes and boots and things and get them in here, but it’s a start.

And, best of all, even with the coats, shoes, granny trolley and other things that properly go in a hall cupboard (rather than dispersed randomly about the house) – there is still room in here to make it my Launch Pad.

FlyLady goes on about launch pads a lot – and, although I haven’t gone into it in great detail, I assume from the context that it’s a place where you put your bag and any other bits you are going to need to grab when you leave the house – so you don’t forget that you were supposed to take this or that to so-and-so’s house today – and, of course, so you don’t have to run about shouting “Where’s my ******** BAG!!” every morning.

I had literally no idea where I could make a launch pad, but now I do. I’ve bunged my laptop and handbag in there, Miss Fly’s bookbag  is going to live in there, too, and I’m going to add something to my FlyBook to remind me to do this every day.

Confession – I haven’t yet put away the toolbox, which I had out to fix up the shoe tidy and the coathook – and, while I’m at it, I’ll confess that some (but not all, I promise!) of the clutter I pulled out of the hall cupboard to make this happen just got stashed in the understairs cupboard instead. But, you know, babysteps! 🙂

Speaking of babysteps, the latest of any interest was to add laundry to my morning and night-time routines. Which was timely, because the laundry had been creeping up on me again.

All is well.

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