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March 25, 2012
Miss Fly's new window

OMG window!

What a great weekend.

I could have spent it catching up with time lost due to bad things over the week – and we did do a little bit of that – but instead I chilled out, renewed my spirit and told myself very sternly: You’re not behind. Jump in where we are!

We spent loads of time out in the fresh air and sunshine, did some other-people things, watched a DVD about kangaroos and still kept up with the routines and did most of this week’s tasks for the 8-week plan. Look at that OMG WINDOW, with the newly-orange walls and the newly-put-up curtain rails, and isn’t the length of the curtains just perfect?

In the end, I didn’t quite get as far with painting Miss Fly’s bedroom as I had hoped – but far enough to call it quits for the week, and the rest of the house is only a couple of 10-minute sessions away from the state for which I had been aiming. So, all in all, not bad at all.

I might even be ready for another baby step tomorrow…

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