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The fall and rise

March 23, 2012

Another windowsill loses its clutter

It’s been a rough couple of days here – child ill, technology woes and more. FLYing has been on s-l-o-w… But it’s only a hiccup, and the routines are back on track, more or less, so as tests go I don’t think we’ve necessarily failed.

My 8-week plan is wobbling slightly, but not irredeemably. I’m not sure I’ll manage to complete all the tasks I set myself for this week – but then I’ve jumped ahead and already done a few things that are supposed to happen later, so there is wiggle room to make it all work again if I sit down and do a bit of a re-plan on Sunday. It’ll be fine.

I found incense sticks while de-cluttering and thought I would try one out on my newly clear windowsill (you should have seen this a couple of days ago!)

I think I may be over incense sticks.
Which is one less thing to find a home for, so that’s alright.

I am, however, experiencing a sense of loss as my clutter goes.

I’ve identified myself with my houseful of *stuff* to the extent that I’m feeling like a Higgledy Piggledy Pig after cleaning day (this one, in case you missed it). My *stuff* was the reflection of me that made my house a home, and now the *stuff* is starting to ebb away, my cleaner and more organised and less cluttered rooms feel less homely – less cosy – less me.

The solution, of course, is to decorate my home with things I love, to surround myself with things I’ve chosen on purpose – as opposed to merely allowing the whole place to become covered  with *stuff* that has just, for good or ill, accumulated.

I’m not sure whether to feel excited at that prospect, or daunted.

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