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Supermarket challenge

March 20, 2012

Challenge accepted

I’m continuing to declutter the kitchen by eating food I already have instead of buying more and more and more without having any kind of plan. As a consequence, I didn’t need enough in the way of grocery shopping this week to meet the minimum spend for a delivery. Rats.

I’ve only been getting shopping delivered for a few weeks, and so far there are three things I really, really, really like about this service.

One is that I don’t have to actually go to the supermarket and can get on with stuff in my house while waiting for the delivery. Another is that, even taking into account the delivery charge, I save heaps of cash by not going to the shop and buying everything in sight just because it’s on offer, or just because I see it and then I want it. The third reason is that it forces me to plan in advance what I’m going to need for the week, by making meal plans – and planned meals get cooked, whereas meals on the fly quickly turn into ready-made-crap on the fly, which is not good for all sorts of reasons.

So I set myself a supermarket challenge – make a list on Sunday (my day for placing a shopping order) – take it to the supermarket on Tuesday (my day for getting the shopping delivered) – buy the things on the list, and only the things on the list – run away laughing.

Guess what? It worked!
Well, except maybe the running and the laughing.
More sort of wobbling and munching cream cakes.
But still.

It took me an hour door to door, which is an hour more than I want to spend shopping, but I *did* make the plan and the list, and I *didn’t* buy lots of unnecessary crap or things-I’d-forgotten-to-put-on-the-list.

And then I came home and turned the ingredients into a yummy broccoli & pasta bake.

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