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March 19, 2012

Is this a doily I see before me?

I think I’m now getting the hang of the bed-making babystep, although I was stuck on it for a couple of days before feeling ready to move on.

(Hm, and a couple of days to decide whether I’m ready to add “clear off your desk before bed” to my night time routine. Which, on balance, I am – and so I have.)

The next challenge for me is to set a bedtime and then stick to it. I’ve settled on 11pm – at least on weeknights – and it’s 11pm already – and I’m writing a blog post instead. Hm.

My sink is shined though, and my hotspot done, and even though it’s no-housework Monday, I’ve also sneaked in one of Kelly’s missions.

I didn’t feel up to today’s mission, which involves ferreting around under the bed, so I did tomorrow’s, which is to declutter my sock drawer. It’s still a bit full, but that’s because I’ve enough socks not to need to do laundry on a regular basis… so now that the laundry happens pretty much daily, my sock drawer is completely stuffed! I can’t chuck out perfectly serviceable socks, but that’s OK: as they wear out, I am going to manage my sock stock downwards.

And so to bed. Only a little bit late.

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