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Mothering Sunday

March 18, 2012


It was really chilly today but finally I made it to the allotment for the first time this year. (The lock on the gate is temperamental, and meaner to me than to anyone else, and until it’s fixed I need my allotment buddy to go with me and open it. Yes, I know, in general, padlocks are not known for their sentience or for having a rich emotional life – but I swear this one loathes me.)

We didn’t get any actual gardening done: apart from gathering a few daffodils – it doesn’t feel all that early for daffodils, and we’ve already missed the crocuses, but I’m holding out for “these little ones are just the earlier daffs, the big ones will come out for us over the coming weeks”. However, we did go over the whole allotment and form a plan for what’s going where, and agreed on a list of manageable tasks for next week. We’ve agreed to take the allotment kind of FLY, and I hope it’s going to work. I really, really do, because I love the allotment and last year was a total unmitigated catastrophe, and with a late start this year we’re really behind the curve. Breathe. It’ll be OK because there are two of this time around, and we’re both learning to Fly.

So that was positive.

Mothering Sunday is one of those days I feel funny about. I miss my own Mum, and I also feel a bit weird about dealing with the fact that all my friends in the entire universe get pampered all day when there’s nobody to pamper me (Miss Fly does her best, but she is only little, after all). Being single, and a single parent especially, is mostly just fine. But mothers’ day is one of those times when it kind of sucks. Mothers’ day sucks ten times worse than Valentine’s day. Believe me.

Well, this year, a friend took us both out for spontaneous pizza, and that was totally not weird at all. Mothering Sunday pizza as a treat from a single, childless friend, was really very sweet and very much appreciated. 🙂

In other news for the weekend, I’ve also got those two new tyres that I might otherwise have procrastinated about for months to come – and I’ve been swimming with Miss Fly – and I’ve finished Week 2 of my 8-week plan in style. That means the lair and one flight of stairs are both now done up to “good enough” – and the kitchen is still in pretty great condition.

I think I might just be doing OK. 🙂

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