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Clear desk policy

March 15, 2012

A shiny sink equivalence?

I’ve finally got a clear desk! (And although you can’t see it here, the left hand pedestal area is also clear and organised too.) My reward is a new mousemat, which I have already ordered online. It’s yarny. 🙂

I’m wondering whether a clear desk at the end of the day might need to go into my bedtime routine, to keep it looking this way and – who knows, maybe the order will spread throughout my lair, in the same way that the shine on my sink spread throughout the kitchen.

I may hold off on that though, just for a day or two, since I hit Day 15 of babysteps today, which was to add making the bed into my morning routine.

I don’t want to risk adding too much in one go, and this morning I could feel the resistance to bed making – I just didn’t even want to get out of bed, knowing that as soon as my feet hit the floor I was going to be making the bed. I am not, by nature, a bed-maker and haven’t been a bed-maker ever. But, despite the resistance of my id, my superego is fully behind FlyLady: I do know how much difference it makes to the way a bedroom looks if the bed is made.

(Hm, another shiny sink equivalence?)

So, I am pointedly ignoring the little voice insisting that it’s uber-pointless to make a bed when I’m just going to leave it there, unadmired, for 16 hours and then mess it right back up again.

What else, today? I’ve….

  • booked a dentist appointment for Miss Fly
  • rung the allotment people about my non-working key
  • filled (very much with the help of Shredderina Fly) two or three more bags with old shredded bank statements and the like – paper clutter mountain is fast disappearing
  • started filling the car for *another* trip to the tip tomorrow to get rid of *another* carload of clutter (this time mainly lair clutter)
  • shined the mirrors in both bathrooms
  • given the shower cubicle a quick once-over (it needs more, but – you know – babysteps), and
  • all my babysteps routines.

I feel like I may be due a Brucey bonus – but instead what I’m going to do is wash up, shine my sink, put out a hotspot, and go to bed at a decent hour.

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