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More than I can chew

March 14, 2012

Oh dear

There’s a reason FlyLady suggests only getting out the amount of crap you can deal with in 15 minutes, and this is it. Oh dear. Never mind – onwards and upwards – tomorrow is another day, and all that.

I really need to take a more – managed? focussed? controlled? – approach to decluttering the lair though, I have stuff like this all over the room and it’s not good.

I’ve shredded a bag and a half of paper as part of Paperwork Night and deleted uncounted e-mails of which I hope none were especially important. Unfortunately, I think I also shredded a stray P60, which would be bad – but on the plus side I realised before I shredded a whole lot more that they were P60s and had DO NOT DESTROY written on them in great big letters. Phew.

Today’s easy babystep was to read an article on using a calendar.Tick.

I’m already using one, as recommended by FlyLady. It may not be the Best Possible Calendar, but it’s simple, it does the job and it works on my phone – so, as they say in bridge clubs all over the land (or would do if they were talking about calendars instead of interfering oppo), it’s the Best Calendar Possible. And that’ll do.

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