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Mission Tuesday

March 13, 2012
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Shiny sink II

I’m having a go at doing Kelly’s missions whenever I can, and today’s baby step was in fact “Go and do one of Kelly’s missions”.

This week’s focus is bathroom plus another room – with the plus one being “home office” which ≈ “lair” so that kind of works for my 8-week plan too. Kind of.

Today’s mission was to clean off the counter and sink in your bathroom and to empty the bin in your lair. Awesome. Ta-da!  I have two bathrooms (well, one with a bath and the other with a shower, but you know what I mean, or at least you do now) so I chose the easiest one.

Moreover, fascinated reader, my desk is now almost clear and I’ve started to tackle the scary end of the lair, where all the junk hangs out. This is where the 15 minute timer is very comforting, and stops me from going into overdrive.

Excitement: my new shredder arrived today – oh, I love shopping home delivery so much! – and I immediately overheated the motor by trying to put too much through in one go, but once that was sorted Miss Fly and I shredded a nice big pile of paper.

Full disclosure

Hm, I wonder if you can use the shreddies for chicken bedding?

On the subject of paperwork, or online shopping, or something anyway – I’ve finally managed to set up online banking. Isn’t it so much bloody easier than doing it in the branch or by phone?

Why, yes, it most certainly is.

Meanwhile, because more than one person has told me how lovely my house looks – in a manner suggesting that, having seen only the sparkly clean and tidy bits that I show off on the blog, they can’t believe the rest of it is anything like as messy as I make out …. here is a picture of my very tolerant cat, who seems in fact to prefer the messy bits. She always looks a bit shocked when she comes into a room and the floor has been cleared.

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