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March 12, 2012
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Working light bulb!

Let there be light

I’ve fixed the light fitting in my lair!

I’m too embarrassed to tell you how long ago it broke, or how long I’ve had the replacement fitting in my house waiting to be attached, and I’m almost too embarrassed to tell you that it took less than half an hour to fix, including the quick game of hunt-the-screwdriver that I had to play… One of those fix-the-lights jobs you put off because you have to turn the power off before you start, and it’s always dark by the time you have found time to do it – and – well – obviously I can’t do it now. Huh.

Excuse the grubby lampshade (baby steps, baby steps) and glory that the light is shining…

In other news, today’s official baby step was to delete all the FlyLady e-mails from my inbox. A lesson in letting go and in refusing to be overwhelmed – that I didn’t need to learn, this time, since I’ve been deleting them as I go anyway.

Possibly, therefore, the easiest baby step since Day 2 (getting dressed!)


My de-cluttering goes on apace, the kitchen continues neat and clean, I’ve put away a full carrier bag and more of stray yarn, and bagged up a sack of clothes, and shelved a heap of books, and kept up my routines, and it’s all good.

I’ve also had a revelation on the subject of little-and-often cleaning. If you clean something a bit at a time then – however impossibly dirty it may be at the start, and however uselessly tiny the amount you do may seem – it will come right in the end.

This is the foundation of the hotspot principle, and the daily sink-shining principle and I have seen, oh I have seen – that it is also, almost certainly, the key to clean floors.

My old hoover was useless and then broke and I currently do not have a vacuum cleaner of any kind. I clean the floors, when I have to, with a dustpan and brush. Which is pathetic really, when you think about it. However much I may dislike hoovering, surely that has to be worse, and more time-consuming, and harder work.

The problem is that I have been holding out for a new super-duper cleans-everything-in-a-lightning-flash vacuum-cleaner-from-paradise. Of course, I can’t possibly find such a thing – or fund the no doubt crippling expense of purchasing such a thing – but this way at least I can put off the idea of ever really doing anything about the fact that I loathe hoovering almost as much as I loathe ironing. Which is a lot.

Stuff it. I’m going to get a cheap, lightweight hoover that is easy to use. It might not clean the floors thoroughly at the wave of a magic wand with no actual hoovering required (unlike my unattainable dream hoover, which does exactly that, only in my dreams instead of in my actual house). But it will be a sight easier than sweeping. And if I actually use the thing on a regular basis rather than getting it out once in a blue moon and expecting miracles then – you never know – million to one shot – but it might just work.

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