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Spirit renewing – check

March 11, 2012

New leaf

Today’s baby-step activity was to create a page in my FlyBook for inspirational messages. Miss Fly and I had fun with this and, although it is possibly a bit silly, it’s all good positive self-talk and I’m not going to knock it. Also, it meant that Day 11 was a breeze, so I’m not complaining about that, either.

Today we donated / palmed off the fishtank – along with the unit it went on and all the bits and bobs (filter, heater, gravel, decorations, fish books, net) – the lot – to a friend whose baby daughter has recently developed an interest in fish. Hooray! I also took a load of miscellaneous clutter to the tip – so that was two car-loads out of my house in one day. Great! You go, girl! Ahem.

This is the start of Week 2 in my 8-week plan – decluttering the, er, room with no name. Computer room? Study? Fish place? (Aha, no longer.) Clothes / books / stuff room? I could, rather grandly, refer to it as my library but now that I have the question in front of me, I think I will give it the appellation lair. It feels like a lair.

The kitchen’s staying clean, too, and I’m totally rocking this weekly menu plan.

This week, we didn’t quite stick to the plan because, among other things, I’d forgotten we were going out for International Women’s Day on Thursday. But we did pretty well, and I cooked a fantabulous Sunday lunch today – perfect roast veggies (potato, sweet potato and carrots) and cauliflower cheese – which was dead easy in my nice, clean, organised kitchen. I’ve done the washing up already, too, so I’m ready to shine and go at bedtime.

And next week, I’ve made a menu plan that mainly involves eating food we already have, meaning I have space in my shopping budget for a new shredder. (The old one has died – probably of a broken heart after excessive neglect – which was a great disappointment to Miss Fly after she had completed a “Find 27 pieces of paper you don’t want any more” mission the other day.) I can see that this planning lark has got its advantages.

And on top of all that, I’ve started moving the bookcase from Miss Fly’s room to the place – in my lair – where the fishtank used to be.

This is a slower job than it might be because I insist on making sure I catalogue my books as I go (on Library Thing), and arrange them appropriately on the shelves.”Arranged” here is relative, since there are far too many to just line up neatly in the traditional way. I have been trying to slim them down as I go along, but so far I’ve only managed to select eight books to pass on, and even that nearly broke my brain. I like books.

Still, at least now I won’t have to feel guilty every time I look at Midnight’s Children, a book so tedious that even I couldn’t read it. In fairness I didn’t get very far, but it was just such hard going…. and now I will never have to finish it. 🙂

All in all – a good weekend.

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