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Good enough

March 10, 2012

OMG windowsill!

Oh. I’ve lost my way a bit over the last couple of days: I haven’t taken on a new babystep for a while, and even the existing morning / bedtime routines have slipped a wee bit. So, tomorrow is “Renew Your Spirit” day (yes, I know, it is a bit, erm, but still…) – and I think I really need it.

Still, I may be getting the hang of this anti-perfectionist deal. I cleaned the bin-compost-caddy-and-cat-tray end of the kitchen yesterday (including the window and windowsill which is remarkable!); today I washed down the cupboard fronts – a leftover Friday mission – and did a good old-fashioned scrub of the cooker hood. Both were left in a state of “yes, OK, that’s good enough for now…” I think I’m starting to embrace this concept of “good enough” and this other idea of “for now”. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t have to be finished in one go.

My 8-week plan means I have to be done with the kitchen now – at least, done with the initial overhaul and decluttering, and ready to put it into routine maintenance-only.

Well, there are still a few shelves and cupboards I haven’t yet de-cluttered or cleaned – but everything else is pretty much done. I think I’m OK with calling that adequate. I can re-visit the kitchen whenever and however often I like once the 8-week plan is done.

So, for now, yes – it’s OK. And OK is a million times superior to the nearly no-go zone that it used to be, so OK is good enough for me.

On that note, I’m going to see what the next BabyStep is. According to my FlyBook, I’m about to embark on Day 11. In elapsed time, it’s actually Day 14 – but that’s OK. It’s good enough.

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