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Letting go

March 6, 2012

Ageing cake

Today’s decluttering mission unearthed the top layer of my wedding cake. We saved it for the expected Christening / baby-naming ceremony that never happened after all, and it’s been in a cake box in my kitchen ever since.

My Dad made it for me and although the fondant icing has yellowed a lot, it’s still amazingly beautiful. I’m not sure I took in every detail at the time, it was all a bit overwhelming – but I spent ages today just kind of looking at it, and reflecting on all the emotions that surfaced. He must have spent a huge amount of time on it, and it’s strange and unsettling but not unpleasant to have this unexpected reminder of him. Things are pretty poor between us now, to say the least, but not so bad I can’t appreciate the effort he went to on my behalf. Thanks, Dad.

I’m not tempted to eat it after this many years, but I’ve taken pictures (I still have the pictures from the day, of course, but these will be different) and now I’m going to let it go, along with a bunch of the residual bad things that it symbolises, of which there are several.

I will turn it into compost that will bless my garden for years to come.

In other news, my kitchen blitz is coming on a treat and I’ve even got some more bits I can show you, which I had to carefully avoid including in yesterday’s OMG kitchen picture – the shelves, and the top of the fridge-freezer (see below). Routine laundry and FlyBook tasks continue to stay on track as well. 🙂

I’ve also finally let my fish go, for what that’s worth. I’ve emptied the fishtank (there have been no actual live fish left for a while now) and have a plan to get the tank, and all the bits including the unit it stands on, out of my house within the next few days to a week so that I can start moving the bookcase out of S’s room – and then I can really fly with getting her room completely finished. It’s all feeling pretty good, in other words, and it’s been a very cathartic day.

The bit I couldn’t possbly show you yesterday!

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  1. MUM permalink
    March 9, 2012 9:11 am

    The cake still looks good. Don’t let it end there.

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