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Mission Monday

March 5, 2012

OMG Kitchen counter!

FlyLady is concentrating on the kitchen zone this week, and so am I, so I’ve decided to do Kelly’s daily missions. These definitely count as bonus cleaning though, because they’re not in BabySteps – at least not yet.

Today’s mission was to clean down all the counters, including under those appliances that usually sit on top of the counter and drop bits mysteriously from their bottoms. Well I went a bit crazy and managed to complete – yes, to complete! – both the cleaning and decluttering of all the surfaces on my kitchen counter.

The bit pictured above used to be my worst place of doom in the whole kitchen. The chickens are going to benefit greatly from my having cleared it off – tonight I made them cous-cous, ground almond, raisins, pumpkinseeds and mixed peel soup.

(Hm. In all honesty, I’ve got a few things that still need putting away because I decided any more would be burnout… And ideally I’d like to find another home for that sandwich toaster, too… And I’ve just noticed that where I unplugged the microwave to clean underneath I haven’t yet reset the time… But it’s still great!)

I’ve also done my existing BabySteps list, a 5-minute room rescue (new addition to the morning routine for Day 5) in my everything-room, laundry, started putting some bits in the car ready to take to the recycling centre. Oh, and I’ve bagged up some jumpers I never wear – I’m starting a new pile of re-usable clothes so that I can go and exchange them for a few more cake tokens in a week or two. And all after a long day out of the house at work and with the Woodcraft Folk.

I’m really not sure what’s come over me – but I hope it stays! 🙂

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