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Hot spots, and other magical things

March 2, 2012


A new task worthy of its own sticky note! Hot spots!

Hot spots are places in your house where junk accumulates – places where you put things, when you come in the house or when you are going to put them away later, only you never do and the pile just gets higher and higher until it towers over you, and takes on a loomy, doomy life of its own.

(The opposite of those cupboards and corners and crannies in my kitchen where things are put neatly away because thats where they live, and then they just sit there, taking up space and gathering dust, forever and ever and ever and they don’t upset you because you can’t see them, but they are still there, ruining any chance of your having a tidy kitchen. I guess they must be cold spots?)

Back to hotspots. FlyLady, thank goodness, does not expect you to tackle them all in one go. Phew. You set your timer for two minutes and put things away until it goes off. Simples. 🙂

I did two minutes on my dining table of doom and cleared enough stuff away that I unearthed a whole sewing machine! Which inspired me to shorten the curtains – you have no idea how much OMG that deserves.

When I moved into this house – nine years and more than one relationship ago – we put up curtains that were too long, and said we’d get around to shortening them as soon as we had time… Yes, nine years ago. So, I’d taken them down as we are decorating my daughter’s bedroom – very slowly – and I’d washed them as I have pretty much cleared the laundry mountain now – and I’d taken them out of the washing machine just after finding the sewing machine – and – bingo!

It didn’t even take an hour to cut off the bottom, make a new hem, and then run an iron over them.

FlyLady rocks.

I might even put the sewing box away tomorrow…

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