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Reward scheme

February 28, 2012
Shiny sink with purple goodness

Day 3: Still shining

Still going – just about – and really pleased with my sink. It’s a shiny hug from the FlyLady, every morning!

I even treated myself to a new happy-coloured washing up bowl, gloves and brush as a reward for jumping in and doing this. If I’m still doing it after a week, I’m going to get a new dustpan and brush.

Why, yes, I do know how to spoil myself…

So Day 3 is the same as Day 2 (get dressed to shoes, shine sink) with the added task of going and looking at some messages on the FlyLady website. Tick. Tick. Tick. 🙂

A slightly despondent aside:
I did spend an inordinate amount of time on this today, because I decided that the plate rack suspended above my sink might count as part of the sink. On the plus side, it was covered in scum and now it isn’t. On the other hand, it’s made of aluminium rather than stainless steel so it isn’t going to take on a shine no matter how much I scrub it. Not sure whether I’m disheartened because it isn’t shiny or just because I’m a bit tired today. Either way, I’ve decided that cleaning the rack definitely does *not* now count as part of my sink, and is not going to be part of my sink-cleaning routine – I’m glad it’s clean but I can’t bear the thought of getting it down and messing around with it on a daily basis. So, that’s definitely a bright side, right?

I like putting the bowl and other paraphernalia on the rack when I shine my sink though. It forces me to make sure that the sink, draining board and plate rack are *all* completely clear and all the washing up is put away. This is, in itself, revolutionary.

OK, enough with the super-happy domestic-bliss thing.
Even I can’t stand the sound of that right now.
<Goes off to do something less boring instead.>

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