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Flight plans

February 26, 2012
Shiny sink

Day 1

I am one of those people who is quite good at lots of things.

One thing I am not good at – not at all – is house-keeping. I have been slowly manoeuvred into the notorious FlyLady thing, and this is Day 1 – shine your sink. So maybe this blog will be about my battle to overcome the housework demons.

(Gremlins? Cornish pixies? Housework being more in the realms of boring, unwelcome and to-be-avoided-if-at-all-possible than an actual Buffy-style hell dimension, I wonder by way of an aside whether “demon” might be going a tad too far.)

By the way – – for the uninitiated

There is a possibility that this blog might not just be about housework.
Which, I suspect, could make it more interesting.

But, just so you know, another thing I’m not particularly good at is maintaining blogs. I believe this is the fourth one I’ve started; only one of the others got past about twenty posts or so.

Be warned.

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